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With TI 10 getting cancelled, Bot TI 3 was the closest thing to The International this year, and it did not disappoint. Much like OG did at TI8, an unexpected hero, who hadn’t been close to the championship spot in the first two iterations of the tournament, destroyed everyone to claim the victory – Tiny! The Stone Giant defeated Undying, a strong contender, 2-1 in the grand final. The final day of the event can be seen here:

Bot TI 3, organized by Beyond the Summit, had the following rules:

  • Matches
    • All matches are 5 of one hero vs 5 of another hero in one teamfight
      • 1st game: level 5, no items
      • 2nd game: level 15 with 10k gold budget & no neutral items
      • 3rd game: level 30 with 20k gold budget & 1 neutral item
  • Bracket
    • Bracket is seeded by hero win rate from DOTABUFF
    • All matches are Bo3
      • Round 3 will be held in each series
    • Single elimination until round of 16
    • Double elimination for Top 16 bracket
      • Heroes are re-seeded based on their performances in the previous rounds

(rules taken from Liquipedia)

Tiny rolled into the top 16 and rumbled through the upper bracket to take the trophy, without anyone really challenging him. The upper bracket final and the grand final did see him drop a game though. Against Sand King, Tiny lost the first game at level 5 where he didn’t have enough inventory (mainly the Silver Edge for initiation). Against Undying, Tiny lost the final level at level 30, where Undying was able to steal ungodly amounts of strength (five Undyings with Aghanim’s Scepters stealing strength from five Tinys) AND every Undying had two lives. No one could defeat Undying at level 30, but Tiny had enough in his arsenal to claim victories at level 5 and level 15.

Bot TI 3 top eight (image taken from Liquipedia)

Bot TI is an amazing concept and it has gotten varied results every year. The first year, Elder Titan won it while Pango claimed the plaudits in the second year. Pango came withing touching distance to do an OG and win back-to-back bot TIs, but it was meant to be Tiny’s year. The thing that makes each year unique is the fact that there have been a lot of changes to heroes thoughout the year, new Scepter upgrades and talents are available and based on Dotabuff, the invent choices for every hero change. Till next year’s Bot TI comes back, Tiny can enjoy his trophy, but he will probably have the win compensated with a nerf in the upcoming patch.

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