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A Mechanical Engineer who is as interested in the mechanics of DotA 2 as any machine he has studied. Pursuing my PhD in Internal Combustion Engines at Michigan Technological University.

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  • Battle of Africa 2: AfterMath, YinYang, Suomi and Team Secret are the final four

    The Age of Empires 2 tournament, Battle of Africa 2, which has a prize pool of over $20,000, is down

    Interview with Team Adroit's Mac: "The major factor that has given our team a strong foundation is that we stick together irrespective of the results"

    In the growing competetive Dota 2 scene of Southeast Asia, Team Adroit is a team that has been steadily rising

    TI10 Battle Pass features: Two personas, three arcanas and a lot more...

    After a long wait, the TI10 Battle Pass is finally here. It arrived a few days later than it's counterparts

    Age of Empires II: Interview with Memb: "Many people have worked hard to keep this game alive"

    Daniel 'Memb' Molina is an Age of Empires scene veteran and one the most passionate and dynamic esports casters out

    Interview with PSG.LGD's xNova: "It is weird to imagine a Major champion having to go through qualifiers"

    There is always a special joy talking with PSG.LGD’s position 5 player, Jian Wei ‘xNova’ Yap. Speaking from Malaysia, where

    OGA Dota PIT 2020 EU: Team and hero statistics

    OGA Dota PIT ended with another victory for Team Secret. This was more special than most wins, because Secret did

    Age of Empires II: YinYang defeat Team Secret 3-2 in the Battle of Africa 2 group stage

    Battle of Africa 2, which is a 3 v 3 Age of Empires tournament (with a prize pool of €20,000),

    Geek Fam and end up winners of the Cup in SEA and EU

    Of the many online Dota 2 tournaments happening right now, the Cup: Spring Series declared winners in the two

    Age of Empires II: Battle of Africa 2 starts today

    Battle of Africa 2, the 3 v 3 Age of Empires II tournament will be starting with the qualification stage

    How has switching from Dota 2 patch 7.25 to patch 7.26 affected the game time?

    Dota 2 patch 7.25 was an extremely fast deathball meta where a lot of professional games ended before the half

    WePlay! Pushka League Season 1: Team and hero statistics

    The first season of the WePlay! Pushka League has been completed and surprise surprise - Team Secret demolished everything in their

    Interview with BOOM Esports offlaner Saiful 'Fbz' Ilham: "I would increase the gold bounty for hero kills"

    The SEA region has been getting a lot more competetive in Dota 2 in the past couple of years and