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Play-in Qualifiers: LGD Gaming advances to the Main Event

The last day of the Play-in Stage brought two new Bo5 series to know what two teams advance to the

Play-in Qualifiers: SuperMassive eliminates MAD Lions in five games

The second Bo5 of the day matched the fourth European seed and the Turkish representative. Only one team would stay

Play-in Qualifiers: LGD Gaming eliminates Rainbow7 and stay alive one more day

The qualifiers for the Main Event of Worlds 2020 started today with the Bo5 series that will decide what two

Play-in Stage Day 4: Team Liquid qualifies for the Main Event, MAD Lions still alive

Today was the last day of the "regular" Play-in Stage. The last day with the Bo1 series, the day when

Play-in Stage Day 3: PSG qualifies to the Main Event and V3 is first to be eliminated

The third day of the Play-in Stage has been the most important day that we have had since the 2020

Play-in Stage Day 2: Team Liquid dominates, Europe and China keep falling

The second day of the Play-in Stage has brought seven Bo1 series to decide what teams will still have a

Riot unveils two VALORANT new skin sets: G.U.N. and Smite

Riot Games is being quite active recently in terms of new stuff coming to VALORANT. This week we have known

Play-in Stage Day 1: PSG shines, LGD falls, and Team Liquid wins Mad Lions

Today, Friday 25th, the 2020 League of Legends World Championship has finally begun,

Worlds 2020: Mad Lions, from zero to hero in one year

Tomorrow starts the biggest event of professional League of Legends of the year, the 2020 World

Patch 10.20 "almost final" changes: hotfix to Samira, nerfs and buffs detailed

One day after the announcement of the Patch Preview, Riot Games' Lead Gameplay Designer for League of

Riot Games announces the first "LoR Masters Europe" coming in November

Since its release back in April 2020, Legends of Runeterra has evolved and grown a lot, and players all around

Patch 10.20 Preview: Urgot and Sion will flex to the Jungle

The same week that the 2020 League of Legends World Championship begins, Mark