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Rekkles and Mikyx find a Kalista Bug in the Blue Base

After Martin 'Rekkles' Larsson joined G2 Esports two weeks ago, the Swedish AD Carry has been

Goldenglue retires from pro playing and signs with 100T Academy as Head Coach

The year 2020 has been crazy in many ways, and in the competitive League of Legends scene, things have happened

Everything you need to know about Team SoloMid 2021 LCS Roster

More than two weeks have passed since the 'Free Agency' Season started, and the rosters of the LCS teams for

World Champion mid laner 'Crown' announces his retirement

Lee 'Crown' Min-ho is one of those professional League of Legends players that many of us will remember forever, a

Rekkles explains why he left Fnatic

One of the most important transfers of players in the Competitive League of Legends' history has happened very recently, involving

'Impact' could be the new top laner for Evil Geniuses

The month of December has just begun, but the 'Free Agency' season is still running, and despite many teams have

League of Legends Patch 10.25 Preview: very good news for the ADCs

Once again, Riot Games Lead Gameplay Designer, Mark Yetter, brings us the Preview of the next update

Afreeca Freecs signs 'Bang' and 'Lehends' to compose its bot-lane for 2021

The 'Free Agency' season keeps running and, while the Occidental regions, LCS and LEC, almost have their new rosters settled

'YamatoCannon' joins Fnatic as the new Head Coach

Fnatic is one of the LEC teams that is suffering more changes this year during the 'Free Agency' season. After

Schalke 04 confirms 'Broken Blade' as the new Top Laner for 2021

One of the rumors that we have heard a lot during this year's 'Free Agency' season is that Sergen 'Broken

LCS Legend 'Doublelift' Announces his Retirement from Pro Play

Yilian 'Doublelift' Peng, the most iconic LCS player, living history of the North American League of Legends, has announced his

LoR Patch 1.15 Full Notes: new Lab, Round Timer Update, and more

A new version of Legends of Runeterra hits the live servers with a new Champion-centric Lab, an update to round